To win, you have to be prepared to lose!

A friend of mine came round with his partner for a drink the other week and the partner proceeded to rib me for my display of trophies in the hallway from my golfing exploits in the last 12 months.

Apparently she couldn’t believe that I was happy to show that I had entered a competition that I came second in. “Why do you want to tell people that you lost?” she sneered.

Being a polite host I enquired as to her success rate in competitions that she entered or challenges that she had set herself and her actual response was this. “I don’t enter competitions or try and do things that I know I cannot win or do. What’s the point? There is always someone better than you.”

Now that was a mantra for life I rarely hear!

Should we be living our lives in a protective bubble of accepted capabilities and ambitions of apathy in case we lose? Is the shame of declaring an intent to do something and not achieving it so overbearing that we choose not do it at all? Are we so scared to do something different that we are happy to live a virtual groundhog day every day?

What if Sir Richard Branson had taken this attitude? Or any of the Dragons on the Dragons’ Den TV programme? Or in fact any entrepreneur/inventor there has ever been.

Whilst I accept that there are some people in life who will achieve more than me, make more money than me, beat me in a golf competition (sometimes) I cannot and will not accept that everybody is better than me otherwise I will never be able to improve who I am and what I am capable of.

You do not have to be an Entrepreneur or an obsessive golfer to take a risk every now and then to improve your everyday life.

Anyone can do something different every day, however small, to rid them of any fear or apathy towards bettering themselves.

• Take a different route to work or back home

• Read a different newspaper or author

• Watch a documentary on something you know nothing about with somebody else and discuss it afterwards

• Buy a lottery ticket

My mantra is quite simple – “Be the best that you can be”. If you don’t try then you will never know what your best is.

My golf trophy told me that I wasn’t the best in that competition but I was better than the 39 other golfers who took part. Yes I am happy to celebrate that fact and display the lovely glass trophy I received for my achievement.

My Friend and his partner didn’t stay for dinner; although they do remain a couple.

Perhaps she knew she could win that one!